NAPAC Individual Membership

NAPAC Membership

A Membership with NAPAC helps to sponsor performers who become part of the NAPAC team. These are performers, who are not usually paid to play, that produce their own music. They have regular day jobs, and save their earnings to record their works. Sadly, that music will never see major radio play, simply because they are not on the major music charts.

NAPAC Performers enjoy radio time - not only on KBHQ radio, but also through our developing national radio broadcast affiliates, online podcasts and streaming events. These events give NAPAC the ability to put these performers and their work in front of both listeners and live audience members across the United States, giving these talented artists the same opportunity to get heard outside of a local club.

Additionally, a NAPAC Membership allows us to create events featuring these talented performers, raising money to benefit Band, Choir and Drama programs in schools. Benefits would help toward basic equipment, educational camps, uniforms etc.

NAPAC supports Band, Choir and Drama programs in schools

The future of Music...

There was once a time where "Music" was a standard class offered in public schools. However, funding for these programs have been all but eliminated. Schooled instruction in music is only available to those who attend a public school that offers Band, Orchestra, Choir or Drama - and those classes are only available to those who can afford to participate. School bands don't usually provide the instruments that the student plays. They don#39;t provide uniforms, tuition to band/choir camp, and in some cases, transportation. NAPAC was created to help fill the gap.

Formed in 2013, NAPAC is an Arkansas registered 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Organization based in Harrison, AR. and is supported entirely by donations from individuals, business sponsorships, memberships and through volunteers. NAPAC produces events which showcase Independent and unsigned performers to be seen by the general public, and to be heard over national radio - including NAPAC's own Community Radio Station - KBHQ-FM in Harrison, AR. Proceeds from these events and broadcasts are then directed to participating schools, making music available to students who would otherwise miss the opportunity because of financial inability.

Your membership or business sponsorship supports your local community, and helps to ensure the future of musical creativity. Won't you become part of the Coalition today?

Basic Membership

Enjoy your NAPAC Benefits while knowing that you're helping support the future of music! Our quarterly newsletter, NQN Quarterly is our email newsletter giving you the insights of what your favorite bands are doing, where they're performing, where they will be performing, music releases and more! Plus, you'll get special offers and discounts from NAPAC Sponsors, an "Official" Q-ROCK A*R*M*Y Card, and more! See the full list of benefits below - then join us today!

Become a NAPAC Ambassador

As a NAPAC Ambassador, you'll enjoy all the benefits of a Basic Membership - plus a few advantages! Along with your NQN Quarterly Email Newsletter, Special offers and discounts, you'll also be able to access the NAPAC "Ambassadors Only" website, which gives you direct access to special features including Music Downloads, Q-ROCK Merch Store, and VIP access to NAPAC Events. All NAPAC Ambassadors are also mentioned on the radio as a Member responsible for a specific hour of programming, showing that you are a proud supporter of Independent Music!

NAPAC Member Benefits

Member Benefits Basic Member NAPAC Ambassador
NQN Quarterly Newsletter
Offers from NAPAC sponsors
Discounts and Passes to NAPAC events
Q-ROCK Army Savings Card
Access to Music Downloads
Access to NAPAC Merch Store
V.I.P. Access to NAPAC Events
Monthly Membership $15.00 per month
$25.00 per month

Got Questions?

Contact NAPAC

To find out more about our memberships or how you can get involved in the preservation of music programs in schools, contact us with your questions and one of our Team Members will get back to you.

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