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KBHQ Coverage Map

KBHQ-LPFM is licensed to the North Arkansas Performing Artists Coalition of Harrison, AR., and is classified as a "Noncommercial, Low-Power FM" Community radio station. As such, the maximum allowable transmission power is limited to 100-watts (ERP).

Being licensed to Harrison, AR., the KBHQ Service Area is specifically designated to the Harrison community. However, with our antenna and tower location combined with the local terrain, the KBHQ-FM signal reaches well beyond that limitation. In fact, KBHQ is heard on 100.7 FM throughout the Boone County area, and reaches into the five surrounding counties - including Carroll, Marion, Newton, Searcy and Taney, MO.

Our signal may be small compared to the other guys, but we talk to the people you see every day, who are not serviced by the other guys.... because we play what THEY want to hear!

But radio does not survive by FM alone...

Most listeners find KBHQ at 100.7 FM while they are in Harrison or the immediate surrounding communities. But when listeners and fans get past the FM range, whether they've reached the end of our signal strength, or their radio only works so well, they switch to their MOBILE devices - cell phones, laptops, desktops, Alexa, and several other platforms! And once they've found us online, they listen online more than the radio itself.

KBHQ-FM Harrison, AR

LIVE Stream online - 24/7

With the popularity of streaming media, KBHQ-FM is heard more online than on air! Reaching more than 70 U.S. Cities, 22 States, and 14 Countries around the world! If you are a performer trying to get your music heard, this might be a good place to start!

If you are a business or online marketer, you need to reach people where they are.... ONLINE! - and many from around the world - as well as in our own community - are logged in to KBHQ-FM!

Click here to take a look at a typical one week KBHQ-FM streaming report.

And because this is Nonprofit radio, our listeners will know that they are hearing about your business - NOT because you are trying to sell them something - because you support the NAPAC mission!

And because you support the NAPAC mission, they like to support those who support the station they listen to and LOVE!