The Network

The Ozark Internet Radio Network is partnered with a variety of broadcasters offering a variety of formats to deliver your message to a variety of listeners. Along with terrestrial broadcast facitilities, OIRN also works through several Internet streaming services and program distributors, further extending the promotional options. Take a look at some of our affiliations and memberships.

Terrestrial Broadcasters

  • WMCI(FM) Mattoon, IL.
  • WBUZ(FM) Nashville, TN.
  • WPRT(FM) Nashville, TN.
  • WQZQ(AM) Nashville, TN.
  • WEJT(FM) Decatur, IL.
  • WZNX(FM) Decatur, IL.
  • WYDS(FM) Decatur, IL.
  • WZUS(FM) Decatur, IL.
  • WCRC(FM) Effingham, IL.
  • WCRA(A/F) Effingham, IL.
  • WHQQ(FM) Effingham, IL
  • WWGO(FM) Charleston, IL.
  • WCBH(FM) Terre Haute, IN.
  • WKRV(FM) Vandalia, IL.
  • WPMB(AM) Vandalia, IL.
  • WBIO(FM) Owensboro, KY.
  • WXCM(FM) Owensboro, KY.
  • WLME(FM) Owensboro, KY.
  • WKCM(AM) Owensboro, KY.
  • WVJS(A/F) Owensboro, KY.
  • WTCJ(A/F) Tell City, IN.
  • WJTH(AM) Calhoun, GA.
  • KZIX(FM) Enid, OK.
  • KKOZ(A/F) Ava, MO.
  • KCAB(AM) Russellville, AR.

Internet Webcasters

  • Branson World Radio
  • Armed Forces Radio Network
  • Live365
  • Athena 365
  • MyGen365
  • iTunes
  • Yahoo!-TV/Google-TV
  • Tune-In Radio
  • Roku-TV

Mobile Devices

  • Sony
  • HP
  • Philips
  • Windows Media Player
  • Windows Media Center
  • Blackberry
  • Android
  • Various other mobile devices, websites and widgets

Become an affiliate

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