Network Services

More than 30 years of National radio broadcast marketing, programming and production experience gives OIRN the cutting edge in quality radio programming and Internet marketing services. Combining traditional broadcast with video, Email, Social Media and other media will maximize your company's presence online...

National Broadcast Network

All of the programming streamed on the Internet from OIRN is made available to our broadcast affiliates, meaning that if they carry any one of our programs, they have access to any of our other productions. Time is made available for each station to insert local advertisement, provided they broadcast our commercials already produced into the program. An advertiser's commercial that is scheduled for that portion of programming is streamed over the various Internet webcast sources, as well as all broadcasters carrying that program.


Promotional Services

From concept to creation, production to distribution, you can be assured that your message is making an impression - and at a cost that's less than most pay-per-click or pay-per-impression campaigns.. Specialty programs... Live Remotes... Stage Concerts... Contests and Giveaways... Fundraisers... or just a simple radio promotion. Whether you are a broadcaster or an advertiser, let our more than 30 years of broadcast marketing experience create the perfect campaign for you.


Network Capabilities

Our list of Internet and broadcast radio stations is always growing. As an advertiser, your message is streamed over the Internet, but it is also broadcast by every radio station which carries that program! Add that with Yahoo-TV, Google-TV, Roku-TV, iTunes and a host of mobile devices, further multiplying the return on your investment. As a broadcaster, you are joining a network of programmers who have already chosen OIRN as a programming source, and as an additional revenue stream. We work along with your staff to deliver a quality promotion, enhancing your image in your community.


Programming Services

OIRN schedules and produces a variety of original programs for radio broadcasters. Whether you need to fill a five minute segment, a one hour block, or an entire daypart, you can rely on quality radio from OIRN! Entertainment News, Music shows, Talk shows, Religious and Nostalgic, Special Event programming and more. Each program has a "built-in" marketing promotion - an optional tool to present the program to your local market!